Ghost? Maybe––



“Ghost… I can believe those ghosts stories. It is all bull!”


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Soufflé Potatoes


Pierre’s challenge “The Soufflé Potatoes.”

Those “Darn Little Devils” do not necessarily puff on command. It is a trick in itself. Chefs have been know to commit suicide for failing to have them puff.

What’s the secret?

Thickness of the cuts, then when the potatoes are sliced. Keep those ‘Devils,’ cool in the ice box covered with a damp towel for at least 4 to 6 hours.

You will need two batch of olive oil at two different temperature.

Highest temp 1st. dump those devils in, for 5 minutes. Retrieve, place on top of dry towels, dry them ‘devils.’

When potatoes are cooled, dump then in second oil batch, within minutes they will puff. If they don’t… Your chef’s hat is gone, you are a nobody.


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We are in Nice and it is nice!


Sophie and Pierre have landed a great opportunity to work in Nice. They are in France, Sophie is ecstatic. Not for long. The dream job turns out to be a dangerous nightmare.

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A suspicious card game


Sophie and Pierre get the word, a card games at ‘Le Zephyr.’ It will be between Clint and a bunch of business associates.

To the amazement of the pair, the guests are more like residuals from the barrios of Marseilles.

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Hello Provence


Sophie and Pierre get a job to follow Clint a dapper Hollywood video producer in Provence. A dream job––not quite. There will be tense and unusual situations in paradise.

How will the pair get out of a life threatening situation?

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