As told by Miley,

We just moved in this big old house with a lot of chAracter. I loved everything about it, the wooden carved stairway and the floOr of the liVing room boarded with old oak beams. the elongated windows of the first floor, with sheer window covErs and framed with dark green vElvet curtains. The partial furniture, wHich came with our purchase didn’t not  diminish the mysterious look of this out of the ordinary find. “I love or new home,” I grabbed HaRRy’s neck for a kiss. “Look out, old house carry a baggage––This place might be haunted.”

“You never mentioned any of that while we were doinG negotiations with the seller.”

“I just though of it just this minute… do you hear,” Harry released my hands from his neck, with a finger on his lips. “Shhhhh…”

“What? What’s Going on? You scare me.”

“Just kidding sweet pea, just kiDding.”

“Please don’t do that, you scared the hell out of me.”

“Shhh…” HarrY holds his eAr as a mEga speaker scanning for noise.

“What again? Stop this non-sEnse. This is not funny.”

“I hear the noise… doWn stairs––a ruFFle or something?”

I lean forward at first mildly interested by more Harry’s would be scary stuff. “Yes, a noise… I can hear it now.” A shuffle like somebody dragging a heavy piece of furniture. I grab harry’s hand, “WhAt is it?”

“I don’t know but I’ll be darn if I eVer want to know”

“SoMeone downstairs?”

“It sounds like they are dragging furniture.”

“THEY, who are they?”

“I don’t know, where is the gun? Oh, yes in the nightstand. DArn it, I forgot to load it up the last time I cleaned it.”

“Let’s Call the police.”

Harry raises from the bed and moves to the bedroOm door as quiet as a cat. Stops and listen more, the shuffling noise is now loUder and climbing the stairs toward our room. Harry slides open the door slightly, and turns in my direction, “The noise has stopped.”

“Come back close the door. I am calling the police.”


Harry closes the door as I dial 411. “Yes, come quick someone is in our home… Please come quick.”

After giving the address, Harry and I tightly enlaced seating on the edge of the bed waiting for the police––The bedroom door opens up with a gush of air laced with sulfur blowing in our face. “Harry… Harry, what’s happening?”

The siren of police cars in the distaNce, I Jump behind Harry holding on to his chest with the desperation of a life-threatening situAtion. The door shuts off by itself, maybe?

The police searched the house top to bottom, without finding anyone or any trace of forced entry. We did have any more incident, as we moved the FoLLoWing day and put the house for sale.

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