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I want at least to have 4 choices of juices

Mr. S insists to be offered the choice of at least 4 juices, they have to be different every morning. Pierre might have to juice up turnips to comply with the request.

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I’ll Stand on My Head to Please ME

Caviar, foie gras, Champagne, and Cognac Louis the XIII is enough for a dinner of the Gods of delectables dishes, mastered by Stella chef to the stars.

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We are in Nice it is nice

Sophie and Pierre hit the jackpot. They grab a great opportunity, to work on the French soil for a dapper fellow, named Clint. Weird persona among Clint’s business associates. Tense poker games in the stupendous home overlooking Nice. A mysterioous … Continue reading

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A new life for the scoundrels

When Sophie took the turn on Foothill, Pierre’s heart sunk — Their life from then on will not be the same. At the end of the dead end stood a castle similar to the one of thousand nights, where Mr. … Continue reading

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