a Quick Easy Pizza

A quick easy pizza use a store-bought dough it will save you time and frustration

Easy Pizza for every day

Stella’s Pizza

The 1st Step

Buy the crusts  2 in a package for $1.99 cents at any 99 Cents Store, sometimes at 50% off. The same crusts at Trader Joe go from $3,99 to $4,99.

The recipe:

*The sauce

24 oz Arrabbiata sauce from Italy $1.99 (it’s a deal worth at least !10 anywhere else)






a tsp of sugar

cooked slowly for 10 minutes

Assembly of the pizza

Use a pizza plate (which can support 500 F)

Layout the packaged dough on top of the counter

Cover with the *The sauce, add a couple of sliced tomatoes and dabs of mozzarella cheese.

Stick the whole contraption in your oven ramped up to 450F to 500F cooking 10 to 12 minutes.

ET VOILA! Enjoy with my compliments