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“Stormy Sophie”

The 1st book of our 5-book series: Bonjour Never Land

Stormy Sophie

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Money Galore

The sequel to “Stormy Sophie” is now available on amazon.

The scoundrels find themselves in front of an open safe gorged with hundred of hundred of thousands of stacked up $100 bills.

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Extract from the CookBook of the Filthy Rich

Marlon Brando’s Extravagant Dinner a Ghost story with recipes from the cookbook of the Filthy Rich

"Ghosts, you mean real ghosts?"
"Yes. Marlon real ghost."
The  swashbuckler of the Mutiny on the Bounty,  grabs my hand.
"I never heard about ghosts.., here at Never Land."
“Right now…, you are their guest.”
Stella's creates those two recipes with Michael's help

Michael Jackson’s two favorite recipes

Stella created those two recipes with Michael’s help form his developed taste buds. “They are fantastic, thank you Stella.  From now own those recipes will be Never Land signature dishes.” Michael walks from the kitchen with his arms spread open, ready to conquer the world.

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