Bonjour Never Land

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                                                                  Spring 2021

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Sophie and Pierre lose their respective fortunes. Their love sustains their dream, a * Mas in Provence. “Vivre d’amour et d’eau fraîche,” to live with love and freshwater is fine for a while. Will soon need a permanent remedy. Sophie a professional chef finds the answer––cooking for private homes. An answer, which will propel the couple to incredible situations, bizarre, hilarious, and even dangerous & suspenseful adventures. The scoundrels could never have dreamed of how bizarre,  the world they knew well before their misfortune, become their everyday life––the world of the crazy rich and famous. The Series Bonjour Never Land depicts the scoundrels’ adventures in this world hidden from most folks. Book-1 Stormy Sophie and Money Galore Book-2 of the Series are available on Amazon. Book-3 Silver Fox with ghosts galore stories is due by the end of August 2020.

* A Provencal Mas is a small farm

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Due Spring 2021


The Magic Carpet

If you enjoyed The “Devil Wears Prada,” “Nannies Diary” and “Crazy Asians.” Similarly, you’ll loveStormy Sophie, Book-1 of our series Bonjour Never Land.  Sophie’s hot temper and Pierre complacency for a well-supplied wine cellar. Therefore it leads the two scoundrels in a series of bizarre, hilarious, and even suspenseful adventures. In a world, they knew too well before they lose their respective fortunes. 

Stormy Sophie the first novella of the series available on Amazon. In addition, the sequel: “Money Galore” is also available on Amazon. Subscribe to Stella’s Easy Recipes. In conclusion, keep aware of all future publications. Soon the Upcoming Stella’s Cookbook, Crazy Rich Kitchen Diary

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