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BONJOUR NEVER LAND accounts for the unusual story of Sophie and Pierre during a five years stint in the world of the RICH and FAMOUSTheir story is a succession of events some hysterical, humorous, unexpected and frightening at times. Book-1 Stormy Sophie and Book-2 Money Galore are already available on Amazon. Added to the stew : Book-2 Marlon Brando Extravagant Dinner the 2nd chapter of Stella Chef to the Stars Cook Book of the Filthy Rich.



A story about ghosts, famous people and extravagant dinners.

The Series:

If you enjoyed The “Devil Wears Sprada,” and “Nannies Diary” you’ll loveStormy Sophie. Sophie hot temper and Pierre complacency for a well-supplied wine cellar will lead the two scoundrels in a series of bizarre, hilarious and even suspenseful adventures. In a world, they knew too well before they lose their respective fortune. “Stormy Sophie is the first novella of the series now available for your pleasure on Amazon. The sequel: “Money Galore” is also available on Amazon. Subscribe to Stella’s Easy Recipes to be kept aware of all future publications including the  “Cook Book of the Filthy Rich.”  

The authors Stella and Phillip Lemarque

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