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Marlon Brando

Stella’s Easy Recipes


Guacamole Recipe

Keep store bought salad dry

Meat Balls Recipe


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Pepper Steak

Ghost Story

the blood moon

Money Galore was delayed

A remembrance of the time past

L’ Ankou the right arm of death

 Grand Pa’s castle

The piano keys

A New Playground

Yap, Yap….

Neverland Ranch

GrandMa’s ghost stories


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A dumb waiter not so dumb

Is One Million Enough?

An open safe

Stealing from a thief is not stealing, is it?

Hundred of thousand of Dollars

Marlon Brando Extravagant dinner

Clint worries

The Pink China

Is this all a dream?

Old Chinese Proverb

The Crazy Rich Kitchen Diary

We too have hearts

Where am I

the Recipes of the Filthy Rich

Has life come to this?


I want at least to have 4 choices of juices

I’ll Stand on My Head to Please ME

Just say NO

We are in Nice it is nice

A new life for the scoundrels

A dipper dapper

Sophie get the scare of her life

Lunch in Provence

Silver Fox entertains all night long

A family card game, not quite

Ghost anyone?

Ghost? Maybe––

Cooking for the Rich and Famous is a Cinch?

“Pierre, come now––quick!”

We are in Nice and it is nice!

A suspicious card game

Hello Provence

Soufflé Potatoes