Crazy Rich and Famous

Kevin Kwan has managed to create a sensation with his trilogy Crazy Rich Asians. In the trilogy, Bonjour Never Land, Sophie, and Pierre a French couple saved from hardship thanks to Sophie’s clever scheme use her notorious cooking talents in the world of the Crazy Rich and Famous. The scoundrels as soon become known for the way they treat their rich employers. Hop from one rich home to the next in less time than it takes to flip a T-bone steak on the grill. Their five-year stint in the hidden world of the super-rich gives the reader a glimpse at extravagant and ritzy life hidden from the average folks.

In their course to realize their dream, the purchase of a <ahret=”çal_farmhouse)”>*Mas in Provence</a>. Sophie and Pierre take a three-year-pose in a paradisiacal and cherubic Wonderland. Their new employer, no one else but the king of pop entertains some of the most notorious people in the world, the President of the United States Ronald Reagan and Nancy. Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Gregory Peck, and many more to be discovered as the scoundrels get their hands on a magical wine cellar where the swashbuckler Marlon Brando could have used adult diapers when facing the ghosts haunting this earthly paradise.

  • Provencale Mas, is a small farm

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