Stella’s Easy Recipes

Guacamole Recipe 

Another tip from Stella

Keep store-bought salad dry

MeatBalls My Way

Pepper Steak

A work of art

Falafel My Way

try it you’ll like it

Stella’s Margarita

Tequila Hecho en Mexico

Chinese Chicken Salad

A Quick Easy Pizza recipe

Stella’s Hamburger Version

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4 Responses to Stella’s Easy Recipes

  1. Pat says:

    love it, thanks Stella

  2. Carolyne says:

    Thanks, I love the tip. I also tried the meatballs they are great.

  3. Veronika says:

    We need more… many more.

  4. Barbara Doran-Rogel says:

    Thanks so much. I was wondering where the recipe was. And now we have five delicious recipes.

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