Keep store bought salad dry

Another tip from Stella

How to keep a store bought fresh salad or fresh vegetable still fresh for one week or more.

  1.  Choose the driest package on the store shelf. Check for any mist forming on the surface of the package.
  2. Slice open the package to access the inside.
  3. You will need paper towels.
  4. With your hand and a paper towel reach the bottom of the package.
  5. Turn the salad in every direction to dry it.
  6. Leave clean paper towels surrounding the salad, it will absorb any humidity.
  7. Close the package and press on it to exhale all the air from the package.
  8. Close with a paper clip.
  9. Now you have a fresh salad preserved for at least a week.

Until next time enjoy all your meals to the fullest.

Bon Appétit!