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Stella & Phillip Lemarque

Stella and I are the creator of a 5-Book Series Bonjour Never Land.  3 of those books are already published, 1-Stormy Sophie, 2-Money Galore & 3-Silver fox. Number 4 Cap’n Hook is due for publication in November 2021. Our Series is based on our 5-year stint in the world we knew well before losing our personal fortunes. Stella’s cooking expertise allowed us to get the best jobs while working for the Crazy Rich & Famous. Our book is a novel based on our own experience working for the super-rich. In the making of “The Kitchen Diary of the Crazy Rich & Famous.” Added Stella’s vision on herbs, with “Herbs for Life.”

What we can do for your show

  • Invite us to discuss the hidden life of the Super Rich & Famous. 
  • Stella a professional chef will unveil her cooking secrets & her expertise as a wine connoisseur.

Location: Somewhere in France

Available on Skype for a face to face meeting


  • Social experiences, Hidden Life of the super-rich, Chef tips & Recipes, Wine tastings
  • Background Information. Stella trained chef with Roger Verge, who basically re-created the Provençal Nouvelle Cuisine. Phillip creator of the famous Bicycle Shop Cafe in Los Angeles, California. Majordomo for Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch in Santa Ynez, California

Topics we can discuss:

The Crazy Rich Kitchen Diary

  • Stella will be able to advise on a sane diet used for her rich clients, as well as wine tastings
  • Phillip will pull a corner of the curtain on the hidden life of the super-rich & Famous

10 Interview questions you can ask us?

  1. Why did we start our own podcast?
  2. Why do we want to be guests on your podcast?
  3. What’s the main hangup that rich folks have?
  4. What’s do rich folks seek?
  5. What are the best tips we can provide to your audience?
  6. Why things are different when you have money?
  7. According to our experience. Is money the answer to happiness?
  8. If you were rich would you live the same as the rich people you worked for?
  9. What do rich folks eat?
  10. What scares most rich folks?

We can talk about our book(s)

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