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Stella’s Thanksgiving Turkey

THANKSGIVING TURKEY YIELD: 8–10 servings PREP-TIME: 20 min TOTAL TIME: 2 ½ TO 3 HOURS To Cook a 12-pound turkey: 3 hours at 375 F or higher. INGREDIENTS A 12-pound turkey 3 celery stalk quartered ( reserved 2 quarts to … Continue reading

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Seared Tuna

I did find to my surprise that many people have never tried fresh tuna. The best tuna is the freshest tuna. If you are buying tuna at the grocery store or fish market, try to stay away from those pieces that … Continue reading

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The Magic Carpet

Why a magic carpet? find out right here, click on the graphic and find out! Stella’s Magic carpet is a golf cart, which she called her Magic Carpet since it allows her to go anywhere in the park. Get Stella’s … Continue reading

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Stella’s Margarita

Ingredients * 100% Agave Gold Reposado Tequila 1.5oz Cointreau or *Grand-Marnier 0.25 of oz 5 oz Pomegranate juice and Lemon juice 1/2 &1/2   Ice cubes Crushed sea salt on the glass edge Grated lime & orange rinds Lime wheel for … Continue reading

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Easy Falafel

PREP TIME: 20 minutes COOK TIME: 10 minutes TOTAL TIME: 30 minutes Servings: make 16 falafel (4 per person.) Ingredients: 2 cups chickpeas (preferably from dry and soak overnight, are best) 1/3 cup chopped, fresh parsley 1/3 cup chopped, cilantro … Continue reading

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The kelpie is a Scottish creature a water horse of sort. It most commonly appears as a beautiful horse in running water and can be identified by the mane that seems to be constantly dripping wet.  The moors were dark, … Continue reading

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L’ Ankou the right arm of death

The night of St Sylvester is the night of the new. The black witch of winter is receding in the dark shadows of the cold winter and replaced by a young one a brand new year.  L’ Ankou is the right … Continue reading

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 Grand Pa’s castle

My lids get heavier and I fall asleep unconscious of the furious storm hitting the castle. The windblast all night in the branches of the sycamore facing my bedroom. Hail knocks with force against the window nonstop, like a machine gun. The … Continue reading

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The piano keys

Tall weeping willows bordering the leading  driveway to this monstrous house called the Swiss Chateau. A mystery in itself, rich folks from out of town own it and keep it closed until the summer months. During the closing period, the … Continue reading

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Ghost Story

by Becca Anderson Riley says that after the woman died, they started to see her, hear her, walking along the bridge. The tattered train of her wedding dress, the dirty veil hanging over her face. The echoing call as she … Continue reading

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