Silver Fox

wonderland opens its doors for Sophie and Pierre. Their new job with a mysterious personality, will lead the pair to havocs, tangles and hodgepodge situations.
Editions: - First edition: $ 2.99
Pages: 166
Reviews:Amie Shannon on GoodReads wrote:

The Lemarques pen (once again) a great story in Silver Fox. I've read their title Money Galore, and I really enjoyed it. The characters were unique and very interesting. The book is filled with satire and humor, but also tells a grand story. The Silver Fox is not only the title but also a mysterious superstar, with a grand estate in the country. It's a fun and easy read, but it works with all the quirky and intriguing characters that are all looking for an easy payday. I really enjoyed this story, as I enjoy reading work from the Lemarques. The story is written by both authors but it's written in a way that their styles connect into one great story. The title drew me in, but the story made me stay. The authors techniques of unique and intriguing characters and great plotlines is a gift. I am a fan of the Lemarques and I look forward to reading many more stories by these authors. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

Joyce Johnson on Goodreads wrote:

I think the Silver Fox was a good read! I loved the fantasy, extravagant living, and the mention of some of the old movie actors in the beginning- it all was AMAZING! I loved the atmosphere of the wonderland and the children's arts, spirits, and ghost stories. I enjoyed the sense of humor that was added to the stories when they entered the ranch and the many dolls with the glass eyes scattered on the bed and the floors including model trains along the tracks and that wooden-legged pirate- it was very interesting. This story was altogether outstanding and very well told; I recommend this read!

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