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Yap, Yap….

In Brittany were I grew up, when I was about twelve years old. One day after school I wandered with a couple of neighborhood kids to the farm of old grouchy Marcel by the duck pond. Nobody ever dared to … Continue reading

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A remembrance of the time past

At the end of a distorted path along the cliff of the Brittany coast just before the Chanel turns to be the Atlantic Ocean. As accounted by my Granny, way back then in the days, without many motorcades and a … Continue reading

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Neverland Ranch

Working at Neverland Ranch was quite an awakening. From day one Stella and I were warned by Indian Jim of strange things happening at the ranch. “The park is built on an Indian cemetery. The Chumash tribe my people.” “What does … Continue reading

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GrandMa’s ghost stories

Grand Ma I remember my grandmother, always talking about ghosts. Ghosts were part of my life growing up. I went to college, there was never any talk about ghosts then––until one day. I was driving home for Thanksgiving, when (I … Continue reading

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An open safe

Sophie and Pierre face an open safe stacked with piles of $100 bills, all hot money––stolen from older and trusting folks. Their boss a partner with the con-artist of the eighties Michael Milken who developed the high-yielding bonds market––Ouch… charged … Continue reading

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