It takes a village

It takes a village to create a social media success story and we want to create a great one. What are you doing to promote your book(s)? 

By joining our efforts we can each benefit from others’ discoveries on how to promote each other book(s) for the least amount of hard earned $. And, the most effective ways to achieve sales. Our goal is Plenty of Sales.

The gift of storytelling is not a given. Practice and hard work will help uncover hidden talents. Be uncovered…, may be discovered? Never lose the opportunity to give a peek at what you can do. The gift of words is a blessing. Those words cross oceans, and deserts…, jump over ridges, mountains, and canyons and end up on your lap. Pretty amazing I’d say. We need other people to help us see what we don’t. We need to have productive passions.

But unlike poker, selling to people who have never heard from you is not a winner-take-all game. It is not zero activity where one’s slice of the pie is increased at the expense of the other. Negotiating is a give-and-take exchange seeking a larger pie to split. 

This whole paragraph is complete Bull Shit if you ask me. I thought to share it to get your 2 Cents on it. Can you give me your thoughts about the subject in 6 words or less? I’ll post the winner for all to appreciate, Good luck!

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