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Is One Million Enough?

The two scoundrels face an incredible opportunity an open safe with piles of $100 bills. Enough money to realize all their dreams and more–Until! Money Galore Book-2 of the 5-Book series Bonjour Never Land,  tells it all.

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Money Galore was delayed

Is money falling from the sky? The scoundrels find themselves in front of an open safe––with piles of $100 dollar bills. It’s theirs for the taking… when the unexpected happens! Money Galore the sequel to Stormy Sophie tells it all. … Continue reading

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A dumb waiter not so dumb

We depend on the dumb waiter for the success of the fund raising dinner. If any thing wrong happen we are screwed,

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Hundred of thousand of Dollars

Hundred of thousands of dollars on that one roll of dice–“7 out!” “This money could have been ours instead of the Harrahs Hotel.” More of the story as the scoundrels continue their adventures in the world of the Rich and … Continue reading

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Marlon Brando Extravagant dinner

That was something, special when Marlon professes his devotion to French wines. “I heard through the grapevines––There is a well-supplied cellar in this joint.” “Indeed, we have a great selection.” I stand up from the armchair of the small office … Continue reading

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Clint worries

Clint walks back and forth anxiously from the louvers in the kitchen to his room. “What’s with him?” Ask Sophie. “Don know…, He looks worried. Since he received the box from DSL.” “What do you think is in the box?” … Continue reading

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The Pink China

Pink china is a Michael obsession whenever he has a date. Sophie has been working all morning in the kitchen. “It smells good in here,” I say. “Make sure the maids use pink china for tonight’s dinner.” “A special request?” … Continue reading

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Is this all a dream?

  Sophie drives the Mercedes with a sure hand among the ritzy neighborhood of Bel Air. The electric gate opens, she pulls up to the space marked Guests. “What’s the matter with you?” She asks leaning toward Pierre. “I don … Continue reading

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Old Chinese Proverb

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The Crazy Rich Kitchen Diary

Stella and I are working on this exciting project, the Cook Book of the Filthy Rich.  

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