Hello Provence


Sophie and Pierre get a job to follow Clint a dapper Hollywood video producer in Provence. A dream job––not quite. Therefore, there will be tense and unusual situations in paradise.

How will the pair get out of a life-threatening situation? Henceforth, they will avoid critical situations in the hands of the mafiosos.

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4 Responses to Hello Provence

  1. Sophie & Pierre have a dream says:

    The pair joined at a time when they both lost their fortune. What is the glue which hold them together?
    What is their dream?

  2. partoutati says:

    The glue, which hold the pair together is LOVE.

    • Philip says:

      Their dream, a house in Provence. Never Never Land, as it looks like through the crystal ball of the fortune teller in San Francisco’s little Italy.

  3. Chris says:

    When will the next chapter be?

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