Hello Provence


Provencal Mas

Sophie and Pierre get a job to follow Clint a dapper Hollywood video producer in Provence. A dream job––not quite. Therefore, there will be tense and unusual situations in paradise.  Plenty of girls to add to Clint’s choral, and more unexpected events to fill Sophie and Pierre’s Memories for years to come.

Card games with mafiosos led to tensions and maybe more than our duo ad ever wishes in your bucket of thrills.

How will the pair get out of a life-threatening situation? Henceforth, they will avoid critical situations in the hands of the mafiosos.


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4 Responses to Hello Provence

  1. Sophie & Pierre have a dream says:

    The pair joined at a time when they both lost their fortune. What is the glue which hold them together?
    What is their dream?

  2. partoutati says:

    The glue, which hold the pair together is LOVE.

    • Philip says:

      Their dream, a house in Provence. Never Never Land, as it looks like through the crystal ball of the fortune teller in San Francisco’s little Italy.

  3. Chris says:

    When will the next chapter be?

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