Why we wrote the series Bonjour Never Land

A question asked many times…, why did you write your book? It’s a great question and easy to answer. There was never any plan to write a book; Stella and I had never written one before. It happened from the wayside without any warning… all of a sudden, it was there.

Through our crazy five years working for the rich and famous, since my personal functions were rather insignificant, driving to “Gelson” for food or the post office to mail madame’s important courier, and the rest of the time watching over the staff, from a distance mind you. In all that free time, I did put down in my journal specific events that happened, with a spec of interest for stories to tell my grandchildren. Who else would ever be interested in those crazy and stupid things rich people do or say? 

Harris, a friend of a long date, one day skimping through my journal pages, exclaimed…, “You have a book here!”

That phrase did ring in Stella and I ears, how to write a book? Soon, we were part of a writers’ group that joined twice a month at the local library in Acton, the little town north of Los Angeles. Although we forgot to be horse owners, it is a horse country territory. But…, we did it with a positive attitude and attended the library sessions where we could read our work and get critiqued on the spot. The reception of our stories encouraged us to pursue, and we finally wrote four of the five books of our series, with the last volume to be ready for Christmas.

Was it easy? Not really, especially when you add one more hurdle; writing with your loved one… is not the best recommendation unless you hate the party to the core. Adding a second voice today thing you write, I can’t even figure this out.

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