Winning the Big One

Is winning the big one everything?

What about the story of that guy who spent 42 years at the Beverly Hills Hotel Pool?

Irving V. Link, for forty-two years, at seven o’clock every morning, wearing a perfectly fitted bathing suit, would stroll over from his house in Beverly Hills, enter the hotel, turn right in the lobby, and land in the Polo Lounge. After ordering breakfast, around nine, he would stroll through the hotel one more time after weaving hellos to the barber and the pool crew while one of the pool boys would set up a chaise for Irving, after lunch in the Patio Club or sometime at the Bistro Garden. After lunch, Irvin will return to the pool for sunbathing and sometimes play cards with some guests until sunset. While spending more than fifteen thousand days by the pool, I had never learned how to swim.

Unfortunately for Irving, the new owner, the Sultan of Brunei, decided to close the hotel for two years for remodeling. Where will Irving go for a free tan?

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