The $7,700 Burger

Chef Hubert Keller

Chef Huber Keller Is the first one to come up with an expensive burger.


Foie Gras

Black Truffles

Japanese Wagyu Beef

Cooked in plenty of butter D’Isigny imported from France you have it your super expensive burger. An optional Chateau Petrus 2016 adds $59,995 to the experience.

Stella’s Version of an Expensive Burger

Stella’s Burger


Stella’s Version of an exceptional Burger


2 Slices of Foie Gras

1 Slice of Emmenthal

1 slice of Munster cheese

Sliced Black truffles sauté in duck fat & butter D’Isigny 

Ground Beef: Filet Mignon  from the Charolais herds 14oz

A slice of Bio Tomato

A leaf of Bibb lettuce

Onion Jelly

Home made brioche bun

With a side of dried candied fruits

cost $150

The Wine to accompany this marvel: 

Chateau des Laurets $33

Stella’s Choice (a score of 7 on the scale of 10)

This way


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