Château des Laurets

Chateau des Laurets

Puissegin Saint Emilion

Owners: Benjamin de Rothschild  and Ariane de Rothschild

Hosted by an exceptional terroir, which gives to the Merlot all its strength with subtle simplicity. The year 2016 is a year of exception for all Bordeaux wines. It will probably turn out to be among one of the most rated of the 20th Century. Château des Laurets has been rated 99 points by all the world prime connoisseurs.

A great match for Stella's Master Burger

Chateau des Laurets 2018

The wine is made from older grapevines and composed of (92%) Merlot, with 8% of Cabernet Franc, aged in barrels for a period of 15–18 months.

Strong and fruity for a young wine, with musk and spice notes developing with age

PALATE Soft and balanced tannic structure

AGEING 1 – 5 years

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