Clint worries

Clint walks back and forth anxiously from the louvers in the kitchen to his room.

“What’s with him?” Ask Sophie.

“Don know…, He looks worried. Since he received the box from DSL.”

“What do you think is in the box?” Sophie’s hands swirl around without any purpose for trying to answer the mystery question.

“It has to be important. Why would he be so nervous if it was a stamp collection?”

“Drug? Wha d’ ya think?”

“My guess is has to do with money, somehow––Big money.”

“Why money? He gets his from check coming from Switzerland. We always cash those for him.”

“This time it’s different. The box made him paranoid.”

“Well…, I have an idea––”

“What’s the smell? What’s burning?”

“Darn it…, My Cock Au Vin!”

Extract from the novella CLINT the 5th novella of “Bonjour Never Land.”

“Stormy Sophie,” the 1st novella will be available the first week of August.

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