Marlon Brando Extravagant dinner

Marlon Brando’s Extravagant Dinner

That was something, special when Marlon professes his devotion to French wines. “I heard through the grapevines––There is a well-supplied cellar in this joint.”

“Indeed, we have a great selection.” I stand up from the armchair of the small office reserved for the chef. “Do you want a tour?”

“Indeed, every time I did come up to visit Michael I was told there was no wine. When did that cellar come to life?”

“It has been there since day one. I am not sure why you where told NO Wine here at the ranch? Maybe because Michael doesn’t drink?”

“Let’s not waste any time wondering about what could have been or not. Show me the way––Can’t wait.”

I lead the way to the cellar, passing the rose garden and through the arcades. “I came many times to play with those games while visiting, never knew about the cellar.” Marlon is now all excited about the discovery to come.

“Those are the steps, here at the end of the room. The cellar is down below.”

“Holy smoke, I never thought of going down those steps. It was always dark––No light.”

“Be careful, hold on tot he handrail. don’t pay attention to the ghosts––they are armless.”

“The ghosts, armless…, what kind of bull shit are you talking about?”

“The ranch is built on ancient Indian cemetery. Some souls have not been able to leave, still looking for a way to the pearly gate.”

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