Why did we write our series Bonjour NeverLand?

That’s a question that is asked all the time. People are intrigued by the title; they also want to know why we joined efforts to write our story.

It all started on a stormy night…, ah, ha. A very original line, would you say? After Peanuts, mind you.

That day, Stella walked into my studio in Santa Monica. I had spent a horrible sleepless night…, thinking why I was there, now penniless, having lost all of my fortune.

The first thing Stella saw entering the room was the gun on the nightstand. A look at me unshaven haggard, with a nervous twist of the mouth…, and a look as far away from the disorderly room with the mattress half pulled to the floor, the sheets crumbled in a pack stretched to the bathroom door.

An angel had perched itself on the edge of the kitchen counter. An angel was there for me, and from then on, a new life would guide my steps for incredible adventures; I could have never imagined it possible to hatch in the corner of the nightmare I was heading for.

“Let’s get out of here…, it’s lunchtime.” 

I stared at her without answering.“Wash your face and put up a shirt…; let’s go––” she said, shaking me up like a dead leaf.

The gun disappeared from my small apartment. Stella dropped it in her purse before pushing me out the door.

Did I answer the question laid out in the first paragraph of this blurb? No, not yet…; hang on to your panties. The answer is a come-in’.

Stella & Phillip

Q – Guess who wrote this paragraph? Stella or Phillip?

A – Both, we always work as a pair. One starts with an idea, the other brings his or her bit.., and here we are with a full paragraph, more or less readable. Whad ya think? We’d love to get your five cents on the subject.

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