Why II

More on why we wrote the series Bonjour Never Land

We would never have wanted to write a memoir if it hadn’t been for our friend Harris reading our journal. We would probably never have written any novel.

But here it is, in full production, with the closing chapter of the series Clint just about to be published. All it needs are a few weeks here and there, and you have it in its entity, the final chapter of our story, ready for the big screen.

I won’t tell you it wasn’t without tears and cries—no, sirree, it wasn’t one, two, three—more like a lot more than I could ever count. Now it’s your turn to let us know what you think about our story. We’d greatly appreciate any comments; this will help with the sequel.

Yes, there is a sequel, but the title has yet to be chosen. Our working title is “Bonjour Provence.” Why Provence? The story is set in Provence, where the scoundrels have purchased their nest, a watermill by the river in this small Provencale village.

The story is about rare wine bottles. Yes, you read it right—a rare wine bottle. They are involved with their ex-boss, who deals with those prized bottles of wine.

If you have an idea about the title we’d love to hear your suggestions. We’ll talk some more soon.

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