Irish Coffee

(We love this true story. at the Buena Vista in San Francisco. This happened to Stella and me while interviewing for a job.)

‘’Let’s go to the market sweet pea. I have the keys to the house car.”

“Lemme makes sure with Madame,  I got the right shopping list.”

I grab Sophie’s hand and we rush downstairs, to the underground garage. “Which is the house car?”

I pull Sophie in the direction of the dark brown Rolls Royce, “This is the house car?” Sophie asks.

“Yep” I press the remote button to unlock our magic carpet. I pull open the passenger door. “Princess please allow me,” with a wide swing to the floor of an un-existent sombrero.

“Won’t be a bad job if this precludes the advantages of this job. A Rolls for house car.”

“There is something I want to do since we arrived in san Francisco.”


“A side trip to the Buena Vista.”

“Buena Vista? A Mexican restaurant?”

“No sweet pea, all American. They are famous for their Irish Coffee.”

“Do we have time before the party?”

“We will make time, I can’t miss a stop at the Buena Vista.”

I drive the big coach efficiently through the steep San Francisco hills. Down Hyde Street to Beach street. “Here we are sweet pea…, the Buena Vista.”


“Oops…, right, we need to get out of this coffin.”

“Right there up Hyde Street a parking.”

I swing the big mama, and head to the bright sign Parking. As I turn the car to the entrance, a small man waves his arms up and down, pointing to a sign Full. “Gosh, it was great…, but not so easy to get out of this monster for an Irish coffee.”

As I pull out of the driveway, another large man rushes toward us, while gesticulating and vociferating hash words to the small man. ‘We are never full for a Rolls Royce.’

“Sweet pea we’ll have our Irish coffee regardless––”

Buena Vista San Francisco

Extract of Book 3 Silver Fox of the series Bonjour Never Land

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