Cava faces Champagne

Cava is the Spanish Sparkling Wine

The process to make Cava is the same process as how champagne is made.

Prosecco or Cava? Well.., well, well Cava will win 10 out of 10 times. Cava is much closer to champagne than Prosecco is. Added value…, well the cost. For a fraction of what you’ll pay for a champagne bottle, you can enjoy its close competition for fraction of the cost. We have drank great Cava on our last trip to Barcelona for a price…, Guess? Less than 3 euros.


The main grapes of Cava are quite different than that of champagne.

Macabeu (white)

Parellada (white)

Xarel-lo (white)

Other grapes:

  • Chardonnay (white)
  • Pinot Noir (red)
  • Garnacha (red)
  • Monastrell (red)

The main grape used in Canva is Macabeu. It has a faint aromatic, lemony flavor with almonds back of the mouth. Xarel-lois more aromatic with also a lemon flavor added to flora aromas. Parllada has a more acidy citrus flavor. The combination of those three gives a pleasant and balanced sparkling combination, more on the brut side to line up with some champagnes.

There is a Cava Rose

Garnacha is added to the mix, giving strawberry and raspberry aromas. Monastrell adds a peachy-floral smell.

picture from Getty Museum


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