Éclade of Mussels a Recipe from the Charente Maritime The Story and the Recipe


Discover this recipe of mussels smoked over a pine wood fire. I like the guy with the blower taking care of the ashes

The Story

Those delicates Bouchot Mussels cooked with a mountain of dry pine needles, which constitute the base of this ancestral recipe. A culinary heritage transmitted from generation to generation. Originally, this dish was the rustic snack of peasants and shellfish farmers in the heart of marshes and oysters parks. The mussels were then arranged in a circle, on the ground, then covered with pine needles before setting them on fire. The name éclade comes from this transmitted tradition. The perfumes of the pine forest come out to enhance the preparation.  Stella adds drips of raspberry vinegar to top the cooked mussels. To this delight add homemade fries, bread with salted butter, and of course a glass of Pinot des Charentes.

The Recipe

Préparation: 15 min

Cooking: 5 min

2 lb of Bouchot mussels [if necessary replace those Bouchot mussels with local ones]

Pine needles.., plenty of those (must be dried)

Salted butter and some French Bread

Raspberry vinegar


The mussels are cooked spread in a circle over a piece of wood covered by a carpet of pine needles. This simple preparation perfumes the little beasties with the flavors of the pine forest. Stella adds droplets of raspberry vinegar just before serving. A portion of homemade fries, bread, salted butter, and of course a glass of Pinot des Charentes, these smoked mussels are a real delight! Something to share with family or friends during long summer evenings


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