Pineau des Charentes

The Story of Pineau des Charentes

It is a story with merits…, let’s do it. In 1589, a farmer by the name of Mr. Pineau from the region of Burie. A small town between Saintes and Cognac stocked his moû de raisin (this is the 1st pressed juice of the grapes) in a barrel. The barrel was forgotten in some corner of his cave. To add to the broth the keg had been the habitat of some Cognac for quite many years. Then imagine when a few years gone.

Pineau des Charentes

Our farmer checking this forgotten barrel, to his surprise…, what he found was extraordinary. Pinot des Charentes had been invented. Average Pinot has an 18 months Oak barrel life, while the best Pinots go for 4 years.

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