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4 head-Ghost

I have this interesting story to share. The story of Pamela who got spoked to no end. Imagine, this 47-year-old woman who drops without a stop direct from Paris. Finds this remote inn all the way up the mountains on the edge of Provence, close to the Italian border.

A nice Inn mind you…, After dinner, she goes up to her room. She shuffles to bed, bleary-eyed and with a gurgling stomach with a noxious vinegary taste of vodka on her lips. She is going to sleep solid through the night a well-deserved rest after a strenuous divorce.

The night is cold and there is a strong wind coming from the north. She is deep in the covers, barely the top of her head comes through the comforter.

The click, click against the window pan, doesn’t wake up our heroine of the night. Her deep sleep will not intervene with the window latch flipping open. The skeleton of a hand pushes the window open and lets a gush of wind engulf the room. Pamela twists in her bed and rises on her forearms. The specter in the window paralyzes her mind and body. Her frightened scream gets stuck in her throat, she is hamstrung and stone cold. Incapable to even get out of bed and run.  

The window opens up wide, while a white sheet slides into the room. Four heads look at her. A burst of energy propels Pamela out of bed and into the hallway. Guided by fear, disheveled out in the front yard, haggard. What happened? What did I see? A ghost? 4 heads…, What…,? She looks up to the window of her room. It’s closed, with no sign of anything unusual. The morning staff finds Pamela squashed between pillows asleep on the couch of the lobby.

“It’s the four-headed ghost,” tells the owner of the inn. “They come back to your room, from time to time, trying to get back to life,” says the old lady holding Pamela’s hands tight against her chest. “The room where they were found in the morning. Those two couples.” Pamela raises herself and swings her hair lock back. “What d’you mean…, two couples?”

“They committed suicide, the police said.”

“Suicide? Why?”

“A spaceship was to pick them up to go to another planet.  A better one than ours…, they say. They had to get rid of their human bodies for the trip. They did!”

“Obviously they weren’t picked up.” Says the concierge starting the vacuum cleaner.


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