Les Lipidiales

Les Lapidiales

of Port-d’Envaux North of Royan in Charente-Maritime. 





A fantastic and magic world, an open-air museum. Artists have been carving for the last twenty years, the stones right on the walls of the site. Every artist is left to produce work to the whim of their imagination. This makes for the weirdness and uniqueness of the site. The site has gained notoriety as a temple of imaginary worlds,  with more than 150,000 visitors a year. Stella has gone head-on to add a couple of local specialties, which she will unveil soon.

It all started with one man Alain Tenenbaum, who introduces himself as a man from the stage as well as a sculptor. “I spend my life to express my sensations.”

For Alain sculpture becomes more prominent in his daily activities. Using modern technology he exercises his talents in the visual domain. He also worked for Television on a series of weekly “Ideas for tomorrow.”  This is where he meets the creators of another world. The Lapidiales slowly take shape. Alain’s dream of join efforts with others in a concept based on pure imagination, creation, and enthusiasm. A site not to be missed on your next trip to France.

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