Brown Paper Bag Turkey

Brown Paper Bag Turkey

Why a paper bag and not a Reynolds cooking bag? The paper bag breaths so the turkey roast versus the other option where the turkey steamed. You’ll van a different taste. The best is the roasting taste by far.


Clean the turkey and add the vegetables, garlic, celery stalks, and onion inside the turkey, those veggies will add flavor, to be discarded later. Rub the bird well with olive oil. Do not use salt t this stage, because it will dry up the bird. Plate the turkey in a roasting pan, and cover the whole shebang with a brown paper bag. Sprinkle the bag with water, and place in the oven at 375 F. Roast 15 minutes per Lb. You can use a thermometer to check the cooking progress. You should bet a reading of  170 degrees. 

remove from the oven, discard the paper bag, and save the drippings.

The gravy

Strain the pan juices, add 6 oz of chicken broth, and a quarter of tsp of corn starch. Cook slow in the pan & stir. Add geysers for flavor.

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