Herbs for Life

Anthropologists believe that people began making healing ointments out of fragrant plants combined with olive oil and sesame oil as early as 7000 B.C. By the 28th century B.C., Egyptians were writing about herbs. The Sumerians followed with a written herbal record around 2500 B.C. By 700 B.C., bustling Greek merchants were tracking their heavy trade in marjoram, thyme, and sage in the markets of Athens. About 300 years later, Hippocrates used many plants to treat diseases, which led him to become known as the father of medicine. He cataloged about 400 herbs of common use in his day.

Keep your shirt on; Stella is writing a great book on how to use herbs in your cooking. She will also include detailed recipes on how to use those herbs with the best results. As soon as the first book is ready, we will sound the horn to let you know how to get a copy of this stunning fathering of herbs, which will show the cooking qualities as well as the beneficial, healthy ones.

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