the blood moon

The concept of Ghosts, spirits, angels, demons and other Paranormal phenomenon is a part of the ethereal-based realm knoWn as the “unKnown”. The passing of peoPle has always been a mysTery––Will there be life after death? Is death the end of it ALL?

Who knows? What we know are uneXpected and extraOrdinary unexplainable events. Here is a Few, that wE will leave for your own judgment.

This is a feisty time for the vampires, blood on the moon blood everywhere. Be careful October the 13th the day of the blood moon–-staying home in fear of Vampire might not be the best answer––home can also be a trap.

The Blood Wolf Moon is upon us, with more hauNting stories, here is one:



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  1. Danna says:

    Years ago, in South Carolina. I saw a bloody moon, that was impressive. The moon looked that it was gonna sink in the ocean. That was a site I will always remember.

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