A dumb waiter not so dumb

We depend on the dumb waiter for the success of the fund raising dinner. If any thing wrong happen we are screwed,

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Hundred of thousand of Dollars

Hundred of thousand of dollars on that one roll of dice–“7 out!”

“This money could have been ours instead of the Harrahs Hotel.”

More of the story as the scoundrels continue their adventures in the world of the Rich and Famous. “Money Galore,” the sequel to “Stormy Sophie,” will be in time for Christmas

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Marlon Brando Extravagant dinner

Marlon Brando’s Extravagant Dinner

That was something, special when Marlon profess his devotion for French wines. “I heard through the grapevines––There is a well supplied cellar in this joint.”

“Indeed, we have a great selection.” I stand up from the armchair of the small office reserved for the chef. “Do you want a tour?”

“Indeed, every time I did come up to visit Michael I was told there was no wine. When did that cellar came to life?”

“It has been there since day one. I am not sure why you where told NO Wine here at the ranch? Maybe because Michael doesn’t drink any wine?”

“Let’s not waste anytime wondering about what could have been or not. Show me the way––Can’t wait.”

I lead the way to the cellar, passing the rose garden and through the arcades. “I came many time to play with those games while visiting, never knew about the cellar.” Marlon is now all excited about the discovery to come.

“Those are the steps, here at the end of the room. The cellar is down below.”

“Holly smoke, I never thought of going down those steps. It was always dark––No light.”

“Be careful, hold on tot he hand rail. don’t pay attention to the ghosts––they are armless.”

“The ghosts, armless…, what kind of bull shit are you talking about?”

“The ranch is build on ancient Indian cemetery. Some souls have not been able to leave, still looking for a way to the pearly gate.”

Read the full story in our special “Extravagant Marlon Brando’s Dinner.” which includes the menu and all the recipes to each of the courses of this Extravagant Dinner.

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Clint worries

Clint walks back and forth anxiously from the louvers in the kitchen to his room.

“What’s with him?” Ask Sophie.

“Don know…, He looks worried. Since he received the box from DSL.”

“What do you think is in the box?” Sophie’s hands swirl around without any purpose for trying to answer the mystery question.

“It has to be important. Why would he be so nervous if it was a stamp collection?”

“Drug? Wha d’ ya think?”

“My guess is has to do with money, somehow––Big money.”

“Why money? He gets his from check coming from Switzerland. We always cash those for him.”

“This time it’s different. The box made him paranoid.”

“Well…, I have an idea––”

“What’s the smell? What’s burning?”

“Darn it…, My Cock Au Vin!”

Extract from the novella CLINT the 5th novella of “Bonjour Never Land.”

“Stormy Sophie,” the 1st novella will be available the first week of August.

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The Pink China

Sophie has been working all morning in the kitchen.

“It smells good in here.” I say.

“Make sure the have the maids use the pink china for tonight’s dinner.”

“A special request?”

“Yes, Michael has made a point for the pink china.”

“His favorite date will be here.”

“Favorite…, no way he can’t stand her.”

“She has always been part of his youth from way back then…, from high school.”

“I heard him and David Gest in the lobby talking. Michael was adamant to not even come to the ranch when she comes.”

“Quite a change, from the norm. He used to think that Brooke Shields was his best friend.”

I move toward the pan on top of the stove.

“Keep your fingers out of my food––Out, go take a walk.” Sophie waves a wooden spon over my head––

Read the full story when the novella comes out. This blurb belong to novella 4. The 1st novella Stormy Sophie,” is due to be published in July 2018. Make sure to register in the form below to be among the 1st ones to enjoy FreeBies.

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Is this all a dream?


Sophie drives the Mercedes with a sure hand among the ritzy neighborhood of Bel Air. The electric gate opens, she pulls up to the space marked Guests.

“What’s the matter with you?” She asks leaning toward Pierre.

“I don know. Things…, You know.”

“No time to reminisce about spilled milk. Get a hold of yourself. They are waiting for us.”


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Old Chinese Proverb

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The Cook Book of the Filthy Rich

Stella and I are working on this exciting project, the Cook Book of the Filthy Rich.


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We too have hearts

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Where am I

What’s happening to me? Why am I here?  Pierre’s mind in front of those rich homes wanders, to a better time when money flowed. Had life come to this. The sharp turn of the car from Sunset Boulevard to Mountain Drive brings him back to reality. “Easy cherie, don’t kill us before we get our first interview.”

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